Aurora(n). The next generation interface. Once again setting a new standard.
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Key features

8, 16, 24, and 32 channel versions - each in a 1U format.

Onboard 32-channel microSD recorder for direct recording and playback.

Upgradable modules available now include a mic pre-amp module a digital connectivity module with optional ADAT IO and an 8 channel A/D & D/A module with more to come.

Two audiophile-grade headphone outs with independent volume controls.

1-in 3-out word clock with Lynx’s second generation SynchroLock 2™ technology.

Future-proof LSlot design with swappable USB, Thunderbolt, ProTools®|HD and DANTE cards.

Full Windows and OSX compatibility

Road-ready rack-mount reinforced chassis

24 Bit - 192 kHz mastering grade A/D and D/A conversion

Designed and built in Southern California, USA

The new Aurora(n) is a complete redesign of the original Aurora which defined the interface genre. Building on the bedrock of the original, the Aurora(n)

    Transparency Matters

    Signal coloration is additive and can kill an otherwise pristine mix. That’s why a colored mix begins to collapse while the transparent mix has space, definition and a level of detail that is simply unattainable with converters that add color and distortion. Lynx’s hallmark sonic transparency is why Lynx converters are being used in the most mission-critical audio applications and in the world’s finest recording facilities. Lynx converters have been specified for their uncanny ability to convert signals without adding any artifacts or color. For audio engineers and producers demanding the most pristine recordings and mixes Lynx is the converter of choice at facilities like Dolby’s new mega complex of audio research, Skywalker Sound, NPR, and the Smithsonian Institute. Lynx converters pass the most stringent tests and shoot outs to become the sought after converters for these discerning professionals. Precision matters more than ever and there is no place for even the slightest coloration or degradation of the signal.

    Discrete Converter Array

    Some manufacturers use multiple converters on a single chip. While that is one way to fit many converter channels in a single rack space while lowering costs, it comes at a steep cost in performance. At Lynx, the analog signal path for each channel has been designed as a self-contained and shielded circuit. Each channel pair has its own dedicated conversion device. This has many sonic advantages by significantly reducing crosstalk and distortion while increasing dynamic range and performance.

    Hilo Converter Technology (HCT)

    Design and technology borrowed from the development of the Hilo is used to significantly improve specifications and transparency over previous models while attaining stunning Hilo-like performance.

    Future-Proof Design:

    Configurable I/O

    • Add Channels – Start with eight, sixteen or twenty four channels and later add additional groups of eight channels for up to thirty two total.
    • Add Modules – Digital I/O, Mic Pre Amp; More are being designed now for future release.
    • Add Connection Method – Thunderbolt, DANTE, ProTools|HD or USB via LSlot Cards
    • Add Functionality – Via firmware updates. Just as we have for Hilo and Aurora we will continue to improve the Aurora(n)’s functionality and build in new feature sets.

    SynchroLock 2™

    All new SynchroLock 2™ high-performance sample clock technology provides a whopping 300,000:1 reduction in jitter, 5 second lock time and absolute accuracy. Word clock I/O provides one input and three outputs on BNC connectors.

    Technical specification

    Line In (includes A/D Conversion)

    • THD+N: ‐113dB @1kHz, ‐1dBFS, 20kHz filter, +20dBu trim

    • Dynamic range: 119dB, A‐weighted, ‐60dBFS signal method

    • Frequency response: ±0.010dB, 20–20kHz

    • Crosstalk: ‐130dB maximum @ 1kHz, ‐1dBFS signal

    • Common mode rejection: greater than 80dB

    • Full‐scale trim settings: +6dBV, 20dBu

    Line Out (includes D/A Conversion)

    • THD+N: ‐108dB @1kHz, ‐1dBFS, 20kHz filter, +20 dBu trim

    • Dynamic range: 120dB, A‐weighted, ‐60dBFS signal method

    • Frequency response: ±0.025dB, 20–20kHz

    • Crosstalk: ‐130dB maximum @ 1kHz, ‐1dBFS signal

    • Full‐scale trim settings: +6dBV, 20dBu

    Headphone Out (includes D/A Conversion)

    • THD+N: ‐107dB @1kHz, ‐1dBFS, 20kHz filter, volume at max

    • Dynamic range: 120dB, A‐weighted, ‐60dBFS signal method

    • Frequency response: ±0.025dB, 20–20kHz

    • Crosstalk: ‐120dB maximum @ 1kHz, ‐1dBFS signal

    • Output level: 18.4dBu maximum

    • Output power: 68mW @ 600Ω, 135mW @ 300Ω, 383mW @ 60Ω, 212mW @ 32Ω, 100mW @ 16Ω

    Microphone Input (includes A/D conversion)

    • THD+N: -111dB (0.00028%) @1kHz, ‐1dBFS, 20kHz filter @ 21.6dB gain

    • EIN: -129dBu A-weighted, -60dBFS method

    • Dynamic Range: 116dB A‐weighted, ‐60dBFS signal method @ 21.68dB gain

    • Frequency Response: +0.01 / -0.08dB max. Deviation over 20-20kHz band, -1dBFS @ all gain settings

    • Crosstalk: -127dB max. Adjacent channel, -1dBFS, 1kHz @ 21.6dB gain

    • Common Mode Rejection: 75dB min. -1dBFS, 60Hz and 1kHz @61.6dB gain

    • Full-scale Input Level for A/D: 28.7dBu

    • Input impedance: 2.1k Ohm

    • Gain Settings: 5.6dB/13.6dB to 68.6dB in 1dB steps

    • Pad attenuation: 13.6dB

    • High-pass Filter: 80Hz, 12 dB / octave

    • Connector: Female XLR on Neutrik jack

    Line Input (includes A/D conversion)

    • THD+N: -113dB (0.00028%) @1kHz, ‐1dBFS, 20kHz filter @ 21.6dB gain

    • Dynamic Range: 119dB A‐weighted, ‐60dBFS signal method

    • Frequency response: ±0.010 dB max deviation over 20–20kHz

    • Crosstalk: -138dB max. adjacent channel, -1dBFS 1kHz @ 41.6dB gain

    • Common Mode Rejection: 75dB min, -1dBFS, 60Hz and 1 kHz @ 61.6dB gain

    • Full-scale Input Level for A/D: 20dBu

    • Gain settings: Fixed

    • Connector: Female XLR on Neutrik jack

    HI-Z input

    • THD+N: -109dB (0.00035%) 1kHz, -1dBFS, 20kHz filter

    • EIN: -115dBu A-weighted, -60dBFS method

    • Dynamic Range: 114dB A-weighted, -60dBFS method @ 21.6dB gain

    • Frequency Response: +0.01 / -0.05dB max. Deviation over 20-20kHz band, -1dBFS

    • Crosstalk: -132dB max. Adjacent channel, -1dBFS, 1kHz

    • Full-scale Input Level for A/D: 14.9dBu @5.6dB gain

    • Input impedance: 1M Ohm unbal. (TS), 2M Ohm bal. (TRS)

    • Gain Settings Fixed: 5.6dB/13.6dB to 68.6dB in 1dB steps

    • Connector: TRS on Neutrik jack

    Optional LM-DIG digital I/O module

    • 16 input and 16 output channels of 24-bit AES/EBU

    • 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz sample rate support

    • Two 25-pin female D-subs, Yamaha digital I/O pinout

    Lynx NControl for Aurora(n) USB, Thunderbolt & Dante models

    • For total control of all functions and routing from your computer

    • Now includes Mic Pre and micro SD record and playback control

    Additional modules

    • Digital I/O

    • Microphone preamp

    • More in development

    Analog Input Connections

    • Aurora(n) 8 - 1 x DB25

    • Aurora(n) 16 - 2 x DB25

    • Aurora(n) 24 - 3 x DB25

    • Aurora(n) 32 - 4 x DB25

    Analog Output Connectors

    • Aurora(n) 8 - 1 x DB25

    • Aurora(n) 16 - 2 x DB25

    • Aurora(n) 24 - 3 x DB25

    • Aurora(n) 32 - 4 x DB25


    • Depth - 10 inches

    • Width - 19 inches

    • Height - 1.7 inches


    • Aurora(n) 8 - 7 pounds

    • Aurora(n) 16 - 7.1 pounds

    • Aurora(n) 24 - 7.2 pounds

    • Aurora(n) 32 - 7.3 pounds

    Click here for the Aurora(n) User Manual

      LSlot connectivity options

      We don’t restrict how you choose to connect your devices. With LSlot, you can change your connection whenever you need. We have you covered now, and in the future when new standards are made available.

      As of today we have USB, Thunderbolt 3, Pro Tools HD and Dante.

      How to buy

      Find your nearest dealer or distributor:

      Build your own: Aurora(n)

      You can now build your own custom shop Aurora(n). Please select the config below, locate your nearest dealer and send them the details.

      Line I/O:

      Choose option
      Choose option
      0in, 0out
      8in, 8out
      16in, 16out
      24in, 24out
      32in, 32out

      Mic pres:

      Choose option
      Choose option
      0 mic pres
      4 mic pres
      8 mic pres

      AES I/O:

      Choose option
      Choose option
      0in, 0out
      16in, 16out

      Computer interface:

      Choose option
      Choose option
      Pro-Tools HD
      Price on request
      MSRP $3,099 - LYN-AN08-USB
      MSRP $3,099 - LYN-AN08-HD2
      MSRP $3,549 - LYN-AN08-TB3
      MSRP $3,549- LYN-AN08-DNT
      MSRP $4,799 - LYN-AN08P08-USB
      MSRP $4,799 - LYN-AN08P08-HD2
      MSRP $5,249 - LYN-AN08P08-TB3
      MSRP $5,249 - LYN-AN08P08-DNT
      MSRP $4,199 - LYN-AN16-USB
      MSRP $4,199 - LYN-AN16-USB
      MSRP $4,649 - LYN-AN16-TB3
      MSRP $4,649 - LYN-AN16-DNT
      MSRP $5,299 - LYN-AN24-HD2
      MSRP $5,749 - LYN-AN24-TB3
      MSRP $5,749 - LYN-AN24-DNT
      MSRP $6,399 - LYN-AN32-HD2
      MSRP $6,849 - LYN-AN32-TB3
      MSRP $6,849 - LYN-AN32-DNT
      MSRP $3,099 - LYN-AN08D16
      MSRP $3,499 - LYN-AN08D16-USB
      MSRP $3,499 - LYN-AN08D16-HD2
      MSRP $3,949 - LYN-AN08D16-TB3
      MSRP $3,949 - LYN-AN08D16-DNT
      MSRP $4,199 - LYN-AN16D16
      MSRP $4,599 - LYN-AN16D16-USB
      MSRP $4,599 - LYN-AN16D16-HD2
      MSRP $5,049 - LYN-AN16D16-TB3
      MSRP $5,049 - LYN-AN16D16-DNT
      MSRP $Contact Us - LYN-AN24D16
      MSRP $5,699 - LYN-AN24D16-HD2
      MSRP $6,149 - LYN-AN24D16-TB3
      MSRP $6,149 - LYN-AN24D16-DNT
      MSRP $2,399 - LYN-AND16-USB
      MSRP $2,399 - LYN-AND16-HD2
      MSRP $2,849 - LYN-AND16-TB3
      MSRP $2,849 - LYN-AND16-DNT
      MSRP $Contact Us - LYN-ANP04-USB
      MSRP $Contact Us - LYN-ANP04-HD2
      MSRP $Contact Us - LYN-ANP04-TB3
      MSRP $Contact Us - LYN-ANP04-DNT
      MSRP $2,849 - LYN-ANP04D16
      MSRP $3,349 - LYN-ANP04D16-USB
      MSRP $3,349 - LYN-ANP04D16-HD2
      MSRP $3,699- LYN-ANP04D16-TB3
      MSRP $3,699 - LYN-ANP04D16-DNT
      MSRP $Contact Us - LYN-ANP08
      MSRP $Contact Us - LYN-ANP08-HD2
      MSRP $Contact Us - LYN-ANP08-TB3
      MSRP $Contact Us - LYN-ANP08-DNT
      MSRP $Contact Us - LYN-ANP08D16
      MSRP $4,099 - LYN-ANP08D16-USB
      MSRP $4,099 - LYN-ANP08D16-HD2
      MSRP $4,549 - LYN-ANP08D16-TB3
      MSRP $4,549 - LYN-ANP08D16-DNT
      MSRP $3,949 - LYN-AN08P04-USB
      MSRP $3,949 - LYN-AN08P04-HD2
      MSRP $4,399 - LYN-AN08P04-TB3
      MSRP $4,399 - LYN-AN08P04-DNT
      MSRP $5,049 - LYN-AN16P04-HD2
      MSRP $5,499 - LYN-AN16P04-TB3
      MSRP $5,499 - LYN-AN16P04-DNT
      MSRP $6,149 - LYN-AN24P04-HD2
      MSRP $6,599 - LYN-AN24P04-TB3
      MSRP $6,599 - LYN-AN24P04-DNT
      MSRP $3,699 - LYN-AN08P04D16
      MSRP $4,349 - LYN-AN08P04D16-USB
      MSRP $4,349 - LYN-AN08P04D16-HD2
      MSRP $4,799 - LYN-AN08P04D16-TB3
      MSRP $5,899 - LYN-AN08P04D16-DNT
      MSRP $5,049 - LYN-AN16P04D16
      MSRP $5,449 - LYN-AN16P04D16-HD2
      MSRP $5,899 - LYN-AN16P04D16-TB3
      MSRP $5,899 - LYN-AN16P04D16-DNT

      Notice: Computer connections through Thunderbolt, HD and Dante allow for a maximum 32 inputs, so with this configuration channels 1-4 are pre-amps, and the remaining 28 channels can be split either by 16 line with 12 digital, or 12 line with 16 digital for channels routed through the LSlot cards.

      Notice: USB has a maximum of 16 channels, therefore all AES channels are mirrored.

      Select a dealer and send them the details:

      USA / Canada

      Alto Music

      180 Carpenter Avenue Middleton, NY 10940

      B&H Photo Video

      349 West 33rd Street
      New York, NY 10001

      Full Compass Systems

      9770 Silicon Prairie Pkwy
      Madison, WI 53593

      JRR Shop

      10925 Kalama River Ave Unit E
      Fountain Valley, CA 92708-6042

      Pro Audio LA

      1506 Railroad St
      Glendale, CA 91204

      RSPE Audio Solutions

      4130 Cahuenga Blvd #210
      Toluca Lake, CA 91602

      Sound Pure

      312 N. Buchanan Blvd #206
      Durham, NC 27701

      Sweetwater Sound, Inc.

      5501 US Highway 30 W
      Fort Wayne, IN 46818

      Vintage King Audio - Detroit

      2032 Heide Drive
      Troy, MI 48084

      Vintage King Audio - Nashville

      604 Gallatin Ave Suite 119
      Nashville, TN 37206

      Vintage King Audio - Los Angeles

      2636 N Ontario Street
      Burbank, CA 91504

      Westlake Pro

      4101 Lankershim Blvd Universal City, CA 91602

      Westlake Pro

      515 E Iris Drive Nashville, TN 37204

      Contact Lynx direct

      190 McCormick Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-3307

      Select a distributor and send them the details:

      USA / Canada

      AUDIOPRO sh.p.k.

      Rruga Pjeter Budi Nd29 Nj Bashk 2 1010 Tirana ALBANIA

      Planeta Analogico

      Av. Del Libertador 6966, 9B Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

      Audio Chocolate

      Level 3, 301/ 7 Yarra Street

      msonic Baltic Oü

      Põhja puiestee 27a, Kultuurikatel 10415 Tallinn, Estonia

      Helios Pro Audio Solutions

      Emrikweg 26, 2031 BT Haarlem, Netherlands

      Artist d.o.o.

      I.G.Kovacica 203A 78000 Banjaluka, Bosnia

      Visom Digital / Brasil

      R. Emb. Gabriel Landa, 81, São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro 22610-260, Brasil

      Almar Co. Ltd

      22 Budapeshta str, Sofia 1000 Bulgaria

      Beijing Pacific Budee Technology Dev. Co., Ltd.

      6th Floor, Block 2, 56 Yi South Fangzhuang , Fengtai District, Beijing, China Post Code 100079

      Boutique Pro Audio

      Carrera 13 # 134C - 33 Bogotá - Colombia

      Audio pro d.o.o

      Karlovacka 24A Zagreb 10000, Croatia

      SC Sound ApS

      Kongsbjerg 5, 6640 Lunderskov, Denmark

      Archive Audio

      15 Rue des Anemones Anton 92160, France

      Digital Broadcast Systems GmbH

      Oberhoechstadter Straße 10 Oberursel D-61440, Germany

      ELINA S.A.

      Tritis Septembriou 59, 10433, Athens Greece

      For Recording Studios, Artists and Retail - Beatbox Entertainment Pvt Ltd

      H-37A Kalkaji, New Delhi - 110019, India

      For Broadcast and Integrated Systems - Setron India Pvt Ltd

      O-14 (B), Lajpat Nagar-II New Delhi 110024, India

      For Recording Studios and Post Production - Sound Team

      B-2 A/3 Nalanda Usha Colony Ramchandra Ext. Lane Malad (w) Mumbai 400064 India


      Gading Bukit Indah Blok M No.2, Jl. Bukit Gading Raya Jakarta 14240, Indonesia


      8th Retzif Ha\'alia Hashnia Street Tel-Aviv 68129, Israel

      MIDI MUSIC Srl

      Corso Enrico De Nicola, 8 Torino 10128, Italy

      Hookup, Inc.

      110-0005 Tokyo, Taito-ku, Ueno 1-2-2 Shini building annex 3F

      Artist d.o.o.e.l.

      Vasil Gjorgov 9 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

      Audio Gate International

      Europa #28 Los Reyes, Coyoacan 04330, Mexico DF

      Artist Sistems d.o.o.

      Maksima Gorkog 153A 11000 Beograd, Serbia

      STL Audio

      8 Holland Street Te Aro Wellington New Zealand 04 801 5602

      ProLyd A/S

      Mølleparken 4 Oslo 0459, Norway

      Sound Import

      ul. Wesola 22/1 Chorzow 41-500, Poland

      Audio pro d.o.o.

      Leskoskova 8 Ljubljana 1000 , Slovenia

      Eastern Acoustics Pro Audio

      Unit 9, Royal Cape Park, 1 Londonderry Road Ottery Cape Town 7800, South Africa

      BLS Co., Ltd.

      12F Seoul Forest IT Castle B/D, 130 Gwangnaru-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul 04788 KOREA


      530-19, Hoedong-gil, Paju-si Gyeonggi-do 10881, South Korea

      Reflexion Arts S. L.

      Pastora, 11 bajo Vigo 36210, Spain

      Leyman Music

      Box 40, SE-511 21 Kinna, Sweden


      No.1-B1, Ln. 186, Sec. 2, Jianguo N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan

      Kamol Sukosol Electric Co.,Ltd

      665 Mahachai Road, Samranrat, Pranakorn Bangkok 10200, Thailand

      Akalin Muzik Ltd.

      Galipdede Cd. 48 2, 34420 Tunel Istanbul Turkey

      MediaCast Fz LLC

      P.O.Box: 13973, Dubai UAE

      Source Distribution

      Unit A, 23-25 Sunbeam Road , London NW10 6JP, United Kingdom

      Sam Audio

      27 Nguyen Van Mai Ward 4, Tan Binh District Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

      Contact Lynx direct

      190 McCormick Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-3307

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