Over twenty years’ experience in creating even better sound.

Founded in 1998 by a small team of seasoned audio software and hardware engineers, Lynx has always focused on utilizing cutting-edge technology to create the finest tools.

Over the years, Lynx has become the trusted link between professional and high-end home audio and computers. Today Lynx products are used worldwide by leading broadcasters, studios, artists, producers, engineers and audiophiles.

We deliver world-class analog and digital audio in standalone, rack-mount and PCIe formats for recording studios, broadcast and production facilities, live performance and audio test measurement. Our flagship interfaces for pro-users and audiophiles, Aurora(n) and Hilo, provide the highest quality reproduction of your audio source.

Bob Bauman

Co-founder and Chief Hardware Engineer.

After graduating with degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Music, Bob started his career designing high-end home audio gear including Class H amplifiers, preamps and EQs. He went on to work on projects for NASA and the medical industry before founding Lynx in ’98.

With his 34 years of experience, Bob is responsible for our hardware and firmware design and oversees production and product testing. When not working on products, he’s often found in the Lynx studio playing drums and hosting a jazz jam.

David A. Hoatson

Co-Founder and Chief Software Engineer.

David brings his passion for music and audio electronics along with 30 years of expertise in computer programming to Lynx. He’s responsible for driver, mixer and utility software design.

Before founding Lynx, David owned a computer consulting firm with customers such as Antex Electronics, Applied Magic, Intel, Pacific Research & Engineering, Philips, and Western Digital. David lives in Northern Idaho with his wife Karen and two daughters.

Mike Nicoletti

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mike began his career at Unique Recording Studios, where he cut his engineering teeth in sessions with Billy Ocean, James Brown and Stevie Nicks. He went on to work at Yamaha’s R&D and Pro Digital Departments, Apogee Electronics and Alesis in sales, support and tech management roles.

Mike joined Lynx in 2008, assisting the team in sales and support, as well as helping engineering with driver and firmware testing. In his spare time, Mike enjoys engineering as well as song writing and playing in his band Underhanded.

Paul Erlandson

Director of Product Support.

Paul is a veteran of the pro audio industry, with a career largely focused on computer recording technology. Paul joined the Lynx team in 2004 and oversees our customer support.

Before he came to Lynx, Paul was Director of Sales for Carillon USA and owner and CEO of Sound Chaser, an online retailer and manufacturer of custom computer audio systems.

Logan Lorenzo

Materials Manager.

Logan started his career with Lynx 2021 as the Warehouse Manager. His main duty was to ship product but his other responsibilities included inventory control and management, as well as close coordination with Lynx’s Production Department to ensure the smooth flow of product leaving the dock.

Logan was a large part of getting Lynx’s Aurora(n) back order situation under control by shipping large numbers of units to Lynx customers during a very busy time. During all this, he showed his organizational skills, ability to adapt and his calmness under pressure. As Lynx’s new Material Manager, he will continue to use those skills and move to the forefront of getting product kitted, built and shipped.

Logan has experience working with audio on the gaming side as a part-time YouTube creator and streamer. He is truly grateful to take on new tasks as the new Material Manager and Lynx is grateful to have him.

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