Discontinued December 2014.

This product is no longer available.

LT-ADAT is an LSlot device for Lynx Aurora 8 and Aurora 16 converters that provides up to 16 channels of high-performance ADAT light-pipe input and output to Aurora’s already powerful I/O capabilities. The LT-ADAT is a full-function ADAT interface that includes two ADAT light-pipe inputs and two ADAT light-pipe outputs. Operating at a sample rate of 48 kHz, the LT-ADAT I/O channel capacity is 16. Higher sample rates are supported using S/MUX technology: 8 channels at 96 kHz and 4 channels at 192 kHz.

Key features

Provides 16 light-pipe I/O channels at up to 48 kHz to Aurora converters

Higher sample rates attainable via S/MUX technology

Easily installed into Aurora’s LSlot bay

Controlled via Aurora front panel or by computer via AES16.

ADAT/AES-EBU bidirectional format converter

Flexible clocking options

Easily installed inside the Aurora 16 and Aurora 8, the LT-ADAT connects via ribbon cable to the host converter. Channel routing is controlled from the Aurora front panel or by computer via the Lynx AES16. The LT-ADAT clock can be slaved to Aurora or a light-pipe optical signal. Even when slaving to light-pipe, Aurora’s SynchroLock technology provides immunity to high levels of jitter, which is typical in optical signals.

LT-ADAT also allows Aurora to function as a bi-directional format converter, converting ADAT to AES/EBU and analog and back to ADAT.