Discontinued December 2014

This product is no longer available.

The LS-ADAT provides 16 channels of ADAT light-pipe I/O to the AES16, LynxTWO and Lynx L22 PCI cards and the AES16e PCI Express card. Mounted next to the primary card, the LS-ADAT is controlled from the Lynx Mixing Application that is already present. This powerful mixer allows the 16 ADAT inputs to be routed to any output and any of the AES16, LynxTWO or L22s analog or digital input signals to be routed to the LS-ADAT’s 16 Lightpipe channels. LS-ADAT installs in an empty bracket internally in your computer, no PCI slot is required


Key features

Full Function ADAT interface

Daughter card for LynxTWO, Lynx L22, all AES16 and AES16e models

16 I/O channels at sample rates up to 48 kHz

8 I/O channels at 96 kHz using S/MUX technology

4 I/O channels at 192 kHz

Wide variety of sample rate sync options

Two inputs and two outputs compatible with Alesis ADAT Type I and Type II Optical Digital Interface Protocol

Sample accurate synchronization

With four light-pipe ports on the front (two for input and two for output), 16 input and 16 output channels are available at sample rates up to 48 kHz. Eight channels at 96 kHz and four channels at 192 kHz are available using S/MUX technology.

The ADAT Sync In port provides two methods of sample accurate synchronization, ASIO and LS-ADAT’s built-in cue point capability. LS-ADAT offers a wide variety of sample clock options. Its sample clock can be derived from a word clock or composite video received by the LynxTWO. Also either Lightpipe input or the Sync port can be selected as the clock source. When the AES16 is selected as clock source, the LS-ADAT benefits from the extremely low jitter of the AES16’s SynchroLock word clock.