The Lynx Aurora Vented Panel (model LYN -AVP-1U) is a 1U blank panel with six 0.2” x 6.25” (0.5 cm x 17.1 cm) louvres to provide airflow and consistent aesthetic rack appearance. Manufactured of the identical high grade aluminum as the Lynx Aurora 16 and Aurora 8 converters, the Vented Panel has the same mar-resistent, glass-bead-blasted, textured finish.

The product of an extensive one year development program, each AVP is individually milled, not stamped or forged, to precision dimensions. As Aurora converters are designed without noisy fans for cooling, available convection airflow above and below each unit is important. The AVP is designed to allow airflow in and out of the equipment rack.

Key features

1U rack space vented panel for standard 19” racks

Milled aluminum

Entirely lead-free, for RoHS compatibility

Aesthetically designed to match and complement Lynx Aurora 16 and Aurora 8 converters

Structurally designed to prevent warping or bending

Six 0.2” x 6.25” (0.5 cm x 17.1 cm) louvers for air flow

0.5 pounds, 19” x 1.75” x .5”

Designed in the USA by Lynx Studio Technology, Inc