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New ProTools|HD interface for the Aurora(n)

February 27, 2019

New LT-HD2 ProTools HD LSlot card for Aurora(n) now available

Lynx Studio Technology has announced a new version of the LT-HD interface card. The LT-HD2 is specifically designed for the Aurora(n) range of converter/interfaces. The LT-HD2 takes advantage of the new SychroLock 2™ clock and additional FPGA resources of the Aurora(n) to provide better stability in the ProTools|HD environment while supporting longer cable lengths. The LT-HD2 card allows the Aurora(n) to emulate the interface characteristics of the Avid HD I/O converter, allowing seamless operation with Avid systems including HDX and HD Native.

Note: The LT-HD2 is not compatible with the classic (silver) Aurora or Hilo

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