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Lynx AES16 / AES16e

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  • When Windows starts I see a LynxONE Mixer error - "No mixer device drivers are available".
  • I installed the LynxONE in the PCI slot before I ran Setup.exe for Windows 95/98, what do I do now?
  • The meters in the LynxONE Mixer do not show activity when I am monitoring from the analog or digital inputs.
  • The Lynx mixer reports a sample rate of 22k when I first boot into Windows. Why?
  • I cannot record from the LynxONEs digital input.
  • There is no signal on the digital output during playback.
  • Im trying to play 96k audio out the digital output, but my application is saying that sample rate is not supported.
  • Audio playback sounds really slow or erratic.
  • Audio playback sounds fast or slow when I am using the digital input as the clock source.
  • My audio output is way too loud.
  • My input signals are too low.
  • I cannot change the Sample Clock Source from Digital in the LynxONE Mixer.
  • When I choose either External or Header as the Sample Clock Source, I cannot select Word as the Sample Clock Reference.
  • When I log into my Windows 2000/XP computer as an Administrator everything works fine. When I log in as a User, I cannot use my LynxONE. When launching the Lynx Mixer, I get an error message: No mixer device drivers available.

Audio playback sounds fast or slow when I am using the digital input as the clock source.
All OS

When the digital input is selected as the clock source, the LynxONEs sample clock will run at the sample rate of the incoming digital input signal. In the case when the sample rate of this signal is 48 kHz and a file being played was actually recorded at 44.1 kHz, the audio will playback fast. To solve this problem either change the sample rate of the device driving the digital input or select Internal as the sample clock source using the LynxONE mixer.

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