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When I launch ProToolsŪ software, I get an error message that there is no interface attached.
There can be several reasons for this to occur. Try the following:
1. Check that the LED on the LT-HD card is illuminated and starts flashing when ProTools is launched. If not, try reinstalling the LT-HD card into the Aurora, taking care that the pins are correctly alligned. You should be able to see this LED through the grill in the Aurora lid.
2. If the LT-HD has firmware revision five or below, it should be updated. Check this FAQ for instructions.
3. If you are using a Digilink cable that is longer than 12 feet, it is important to have Firmware revision 22 or above for the Aurora, and firmware revision 6 or above for the LT-HD card. With the current firmware revisions we have tested Digilink cable lengths up to 50 feet. If you have older LT-HD firmware, you should either update it or use a 12 foot Digilink cable.
4. Put the Aurora on "Internal" as a SYNC SOURCE and set the SAMPLE RATE to 44.1k before launching ProTools. If ProTools launches succesfully, you can then establish whatever clock source or sample rate you desire from the ProTools Hardware Setup.
5. If your ProTools system has multiple cards, try connecting the Aurora to an Accel/Process card instead of the Core card, even if it is the only interface attached.
6. Try restoring defaults on the Aurora (hold down SAMPLE RATE while applying AC Power).
7. There is a row of pins labelled "config select" on the LT-HD card. By default it is jumpered for PROM 2. With the Aurora disconnected from an AC power source, try placing the jumper shunt on the two pins labeled for PROM 1. Turn the Aurora on and try launching ProTools again.

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