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Lynx AES16 / AES16e

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Lynx AES16 / AES16e
Getting Started/Installation

  • What do I need to connect my Apogee AD-16(X) and DA-16(X) converters to the AES16?
  • Is there a way to change the input level of audio coming into the AES16?
  • How do I monitor audio coming in input 1 through output 1?
  • How can I use the Lynx Mixerís monitoring features to produce headphone mixes for recording artists?
  • How can I monitor multiple input sources through a specific output?
  • Iím inputting a mono source, but can only hear it out of one output channel. How can I hear the audio out of both speakers?
  • My audio program will only let me specify a single ASIO or Core Audio device, how can I expand my I/O?
  • Can I play audio out of one program and record it in another program without any physical cabling?
  • What is the MIDI driver used for?
  • SynchroLock takes a while before it locks to my clock source, is this normal?
  • Can I change the sample rate of outgoing audio using the Sample Rate Converter on the card? (SRC version)
  • Can I play one sample rate and record another at the same time? (SRC version)
  • I have an external clock source for use with my AES16 card. Is it preferable to use the wordclock BNC connections or just supply clock via the AES/EBU digital connections?
  • What is the difference between the AES16 and AES16-SRC
  • Iím using the AES16 with the CBL-AES1603 cable (Apogee AD/DA16) or CBL-AES1605 (Yamaha, Apogee, Mackie), how do I get word clock in and out?
  • How many AES16 cards can be installed in a single computer?
  • How can I keep other users from changing my Lynx Mixer settings?
  • What is Dual Wire mode, and do I need it to use for the higher sample rates?
  • Can I use my Lynx card with two applications at the same time?
  • This is supposed to be a 16-in/16-out card, but I only see 16 XLR connections. What gives?
  • What is the maximum cable length thatís been tested with the AES16?
  • If Iím using a dual-wire A/D converter and a single-wire D/A converter, what impact would that have on the AES16ís channel routing?
  • Can I use my AES16 card to play back 5.1 surround audio?

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