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How do I install an LStream card, and how do I verify that it is functional?
All OS

Detailed instructions for installing an LStream card into a computer are available in the applicable Owner’s Manuals, which are available for download. In summary:

  1. Verify that your host Lynx card is correctly installed and operational.
  2. Verify that the firmware version on your Lynx card supports LStream devices. To do so, read the firmware release notes. Current firmware is available to download from the driver download page.
  3. With your computer powered down, install the LStream card in a bracket slot adjacent to the LynxTWO/L22/AES16. The LStream card must be secured to the computer chassis with a screw.
  4. Connect the included 14-pin ribbon cable from connector JP1 on the LynxTWO/L22/AES16 to connector JP2 on the LStream card (labeled INT LSTREAM). The connectors on the ribbon cable have polarizing tabs that insert into slots in the mating connectors. Insure that these tabs are aligned correctly. Failure to do so may result in serious damage to the LynxTWO/L22/AES16 and LStream card.
  5. After replacing the computer case, start the computer and launch the Lynx Mixer. In addition to the Adapter, Outputs Mixer, and Record/Play Mixer, you should now have an LStream window – where parameters specific to the LS-AES or LS-ADAT card can be set. The existence of this window verifies that the LStream card is being successfully recognized by the system.

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