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Look Ma - No Mouse!

Can your LynxTWO or L22 and Aurora make beautiful music together?

Firmware – when to flash it, when to forget it…
One of the frequent support questions I get is: “I’ll be installing a new driver for my Lynx card, should I update the firmware too?”. To answer this question, it is helpful to have an idea what the heck firmware is. Our official definition is:
Firmware is a set of configuration data that controls the low-level operation of a hardware device. The firmware can be altered to change how a particular function works or add new features. From time to time, Lynx will provide new firmware to improve the functionality of a product. End users cannot alter firmware supplied by Lynx.
In addition to this technical definition, one should know that some firmware updates only address compatibility with components on the PCI board, and don’t add any new functionality or features at all. The firmware update process is not wholly without risk: if your computer loses power, or the process is interrupted in some way, the EEPROM on the card may be erased and the card may need to be sent to the factory to be re-programmed,

With that in mind, we suggest the following three criteria for when firmware should be updated:
  • You are installing a card into a Mac for the first time (the cards ship from the factory with Windows firmware) or you are installing the card into a PC after it had been used in a Mac, or vice versa.
  • You intend to update the driver and a firmware update is required for full driver functionality (the driver release notes will indicate if this is the case).
  • You are instructed to do so by Lynx technical support.
Otherwise, you can remove “is my firmware up to date” from the list of things to worry about.

Five-One plus LynxTWO – the equation for pristine surround sound

Without a doubt, surround sound has changed the audio industry for good. In addition to traditional sound for video, surround encoding is fast becoming standard for audio projects of all types. Engineers need high-quality, no-fuss solutions for multi-channel monitoring as well as verifying playback of surround-encoded materials.

Additionally, computer-based media centers are quickly expanding in prominence. Many consumer 5.1 systems either offer poor performance, or high price tags for sub-Lynx quality. In either case, whether you are an audio engineer, or audiophile entertainment aficionado, Lynx offers a 5.1 solution with the best bang-for-the-buck on the market.

Our new Version 2 Driver Package features multi-channel playback capabilities. Now you can play surround encoded material using 5.1 compatible media playback software, and all six channels will be distributed to the analog outputs of the LynxTWO-B. No expensive standalone decoders required, and the results are as pristine as the Lynx name denotes.

Here’s what you need:
  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • LynxTWO-B
  • The Version 2 (WDM) driver downloaded from the Lynx website
  • The latest LynxTWO firmware
  • Media playback software with Dolby or DTS 5.1 decoding (i.e. WinDVD, PowerDVD, TheaterTek, etc. – optional surround plug-ins may be required for correct playback)
Here’s what you need to do:
  • Connect your powered monitors or surround amp according to the following channel distribution: Left/Right = Outputs 1&2; Center = 3; Sub= 4; Left/Right Rear = 5&6.
  • Flash the firmware.
  • Install the Version 2 driver package.
  • Set Windows to use 5.1 as the speaker setup (Start> Control Panel> Sounds and Audio Devices> Audio> Sound Playback: Advanced> Speaker Setup = 5.1 surround sound speakers).
  • Launch the media playback software. Choose LynxTWO Device 1 as the playback device, and choose 5.1 surround as the audio format.
  • Play a surround encoded file or disk.>

Here’s what will happen:
  • The Lynx Record/Play mixer will show 5.1 surround over Play 1.
  • The Lynx outputs mixer will show meter activity for all 6 analog outputs (if not, restore defaults!).
  • You’ll hear all 6 channels with clarity and realism that will make you want to dance, sing or shout….
That’s it from the tech corner for now, until next time, happy bit-wrangling!

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