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Lynx Studio Technology:

Aurora HD

Since their introduction in 2005, the Lynx Aurora converters have provided high quality AD and DA conversion for professional audio studios around the world. With the LT-HD LSlot card, Aurora converters are seamlessly incorporated into Pro Tools|HD® studios via HD Core or Accel Core cards using standard DigiLink cabling. All Aurora I/O functions for parameter control are controlled and monitored within Pro Tools, through ProTools 11.

Aurora 16HD and Aurora 8HD are 16 and 8 channel 24 bit /192 kHz analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog converters in a single-space rack-mountable case. The Aurora 16-VTHD adds variable trim pots to all analog input and output channels, for fine adjustment of maximum output levels between +8.5 dBu to +24 dBu. The analog inputs and outputs are electronically balanced. The AES digital I/O is transformer coupled and is capable of driving 500 feet of cable at 192 kHz. Both dual and single wire AES channel modes are supported at sample rates up to 192 kHz.

The LT-HD card has one Primary and one Expansion DigiLink port, which allows daisy-chaining of multiple Aurora converters and other DigiLink devices. Aurora HD models offer audio signal latency identical to that of the Avid HD I/O™ for accurate delay compensation within ProTools - no manual delay adjustments are required.

Lynx’s proprietary SynchroLock™ sample clock technology is also included, an exclusive feature that provides 3000:1 jitter attenuation for external clock signals. The SynchroLock clock generator’s output is an extremely low jitter clock source that drives the converters inside of Aurora and is available as an output for studio synchronization of other digital devices.

All analog and digital connections use DB25 connectors with industry standard pinouts which are compatible with off-the-shelf cables from manufacturers such as Lynx, Mogami, ProCo, Hosa and others.

Aurora converters are preconfigured for three voltages. Aurora 115 volt models are available in the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. The 100 volt models are available in Japan only. 230 volt units are available throughout the rest of the world through authorized distributors and retailers.

  • Aurora converters with preinstalled LT-HD, allowing recognition and control by Pro Tools|HD® and Native
  • Aurora 8HD: Simultaneous 8 channel analog I/O and 8 channel AES/EBU I/O
  • Aurora 16HD: Simultaneous 16 channel analog I/O and 16 channel AES/EBU I/O
  • Aurora 16-VTHD: Aurora 16HD with Variable Trim on analog inputs and outputs
  • 32-Channel mode allows Aurora 16HD/VTHD models to access all 16 analog and all 16 digital channels
  • 24 Bit / 192 kHz mastering quality A/D and D/A conversion
  • 192 kHz AES/EBU I/O supporting single and dual wire modes
  • Single rack space configuration, no fan
  • Word clock I/O with Lynx SynchroLock™ sample clock technology


CBL-AIN85 - Aurora Converters Eight-channel XLR Analog Input Cable

CBL-AOUT85 - Aurora Converters Eight-channel XLR Analog Output Cable

CBL-DIGY85 - Aurora Converters Eight-channel XLR Digital I/O Cable





Aurora Vented Panel


Aurora 8

Aurora 16

Aurora 16-VT

Aurora Owners Manual

Aurora HD Spec Sheet

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