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NOV 2010

New Windows Driver from Lynx Autodetects OS, Adds WaveRT

WaveRT Driver component added for more versatility, larger feature set

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - NOVEMBER 5, 2010 - The latest Windows driver set for Lynx Studio Technology’s PCI and PCI-Express audio cards adds a new WavesRT driver and the ability to optimize performance based upon the Windows version being used. This driver auto-detects the operating system and at run-time decides to use either the WavePci driver (for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003) or WaveRT driver (for Windows Vista or Windows 7).

“We believe this is the first audio driver set to offer this built-in optimization, to offer both a WavePci and WaveRT driver in a single executable,” stated David A. Hoatson, Lynx Cofounder and Chief Software Engineer. “Basically this means we don’t have to ship a different driver binary for each OS on Windows. The driver figures it out on its own and uses the correct bits, making it much easier for the end user.”

The new WaveRT driver for real-time audio streaming optimizes performance for computers running Windows Vista and Windows 7. This provides low latency performance similar to ASIO. The new driver enables Windows Vista pull-mode (event-driven) audio-streaming technology if the application requests and allows the use of audio enhancement effects such as Bass Boost, Virtual Surround, Room Correction, Loudness and Equalization.

The new Windows driver set will be available in late 2010, free of charge and downloadable from the Lynx website. Applies to all current Lynx PCI and PCI Express audio cards, including LynxTWO, L22, AES16 and AES16e models.

According to Microsoft information on WaveRT:

“The WaveRT port driver supports audio applications that reduce the latency of audio streams by using the real-time scheduling support that is available in Windows Vista and later. Hardware innovations, such as the low-latency isochronous transfer modes of PCI Express devices, complement real-time scheduling.

“To take advantage of these improvements, an audio device should be able to play or capture audio data with little or no intervention by the driver software. If designed properly, the audio hardware should require no help from the driver from the time that the audio stream enters the run state until it later exits that state. The result is low-latency audio that consumes few host-CPU cycles and is free of timing glitches.

“The client for the WaveRT port driver is typically the global audio engine. The engine is the operating- system component that mixes the playback streams from the currently running audio applications and writes the mixed stream into the cyclic buffer. The audio device pulls the stream from the buffer and plays it.”

Lynx Studio Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures professional, computer-related audio products for applications such as audio production, delivery, and testing for recording studios, project studios, post production studios, home studios, and live concert settings. Utilizing cutting-edge technology to create the highest quality products at a good value to the customer, Lynx is focused on “linking” the professional audio world with computers by utilizing their many years of experience in both hardware design and device driver coding. This complementary expertise is borne out in reliable products that not only have great specifications, but are also shipped with extremely stable and well-tested drivers. Support for Windows and Macintosh platforms are standard for most products.

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