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JAN 2009

Lynx Announces Improvements to LTHD Compatibility with ProTools® 8

New Features Also Available to Existing Owners

ANAHEIM, CA - JANUARY 15, 2009 Two years after its introduction, a major update has been announced for the LT-HD interface for the Lynx Aurora 18 and Aurora 8 192 kHz AD/DA converters. All LT-HD units built in 2009 will have these updates included. Current LT-HD owners can update their units’ firmware at no cost to gain these new features. Update information is available from Lynx’s website

Lynx also announced that LT-HD-equipped Aurora converters are 100% compatible with the new ProTools 8 system.

“Loop-sync is one of the features now available with the LT-HD. This allows Aurora owners to take advantage of the word clock options in ProTools. This was highly requested,” stated Bob Bauman, co-founder and chief hardware engineer. “We also added the ability to run very long Digilink cables, allowing more flexibility in installation and studio layout. We have tested Digilink runs of up to 100 feet with no adverse effects, but longer lengths should not be a problem.”

The new firmware also adds the ability to mirror ProTools outputs to multiple physical outputs. Users can select this feature using the ProTools hardware set up window.

Lynx Aurora converters with the LT-HD card provide up to 16 channels of analog to digital and digital to analog conversion at sample rates up to 192 kHz in a format that can be recognized by Digidesign ProTools|HD systems. Key features of the LT-HD are:

· One Primary and one Expansion DigiLink port

· Up to 32 channels of analog and digital I/O per HD Core or Accel Core card possible with one Aurora 16

· Supports full channel count at sample rates up to 192 kHz

· Offers audio signal latency identical to that of the Digidesign 192 I/O™ for accurate delay compensation within ProTools - no manual delay adjustments required

· Allows I/O functions for parameter control to be controlled and monitored within ProTools

· Interfaces with HD system using standard DigiLink cables

· Allows daisy-chaining of multiple Aurora converters and other DigiLink devices via Expansion port

Digidesign and ProTools|HD are registered trademarks of Avid Inc.

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Phil Moon 714-545-4700 EXT 204

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