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OCT 2007

2008 Marks Tenth Anniversary for Lynx Studio Technology

New York AES Kicks Off Ten Year Celebration

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 5, 2007 The New York AES Show was the setting for the kickoff of Lynx Studio Technology’s Tenth Anniversary observance. In 1998, Lynx cofounders Bob Bauman and David A. Hoatson introduced the company’s first product, the LynxONE. Ten years later, the LynxONE is still available, along with the LynxTWO, L22, AES16 and Aurora converters.

Hoatson, the software engineer, and Bauman, the hardware engineer, had worked on several audio products for companies such as Soundcraftsman, Philips Semiconductor, Applied Magic and Pacific Research. They first met and worked together at Antex Electronics from 1993 to 1997, where they designed computer audio cards for the broadcast market. When Antex took a change in direction, Bauman and Hoatson saw they had common goals in their desire to create high quality audio cards at a reasonable price.

The name Lynx was chosen to make the point that they were ‘linking’ the worlds of computers and high-end audio. For the first few years Lynx worked closely with well respected distributors such as Tracer Technologies, Digital Edge and HHB US and Canada. In 2003 sales and marketing were brought in house.

With their complementary expertise in hardware and software, Bauman and Hoatson have been able to tightly couple well-designed hardware with low-latency drivers for most computer operating system without relying on outside contractors. This advantage over their competitors has given Lynx its reputation for producing extraordinarily reliable, highly efficient computer-based products with good value.

Their initial effort, the LynxONE, was introduced in 1998. Offering high quality analog and digital audio, excellent clock and converters and MIDI have made the LynxONE a successful product for ten years – an eternity in the sound card business. Within the first two years, Lynx had sold over 1800 LynxONE PCI cards, and continued to increase in sales to over 3000 in 2000. Initially Hoatson and Bauman estimated they would sell about 2000 LynxONEs altogether – a total achieved many times over, as the LynxONE is still in the line and selling well at the end of 2007.

LynxTWO was introduced in 2001. Lynx’s goal with the LynxTWO was to design the highest performance multichannel audio card in the industry with 32-channels of on-board mixing and extensive synchronization options. This was achieved by taking advantage of newly available high-density low-cost Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) and 192 kHz A/D and D/A converters.

Four years later in 2005, Aurora converters, the company’s first rack-mount product line, were launched. Aurora was designed to offer the highest performance 16-channel A/D and D/A converter in a single rack space. Although cost was not an issue during the development phase, techniques perfected by designing low-noise circuitry on cramped computer cards helped produce a cost-effective product, in addition to having great specs and excellent sound quality.

Other key Lynx products, all still available, are the L22 (2002) and AES16 (2003). 2007 brings the company’s first PCI Express model, the AES16e.

Since 1998, Lynx has provided several firsts for the pro audio arena: - First PCI card with professional-level performance and on-board MIDI (LynxONE) - First PCI card to offer 192 kHz audio and a real-world dynamic range greater than 117 dB (LynxTWO) - First single-slot 16-channel AES/EBU PCI Card (AES16) - First to offer 64 bit audio drivers - First and still the only company to offer a single rack space converter with 16 channels of mastering quality A/D and D/A conversion (Aurora 16).

Lynx has also received three nominations for the prestigious TEC Award, for the LynxTWO, Aurora 16, and Aurora 16/LT-HD for ProTools®.

Lynx products are widely used in recording studios, mastering studios, broadcast studios, post-production studios, and concert facilities throughout the world.

# # #

For further information, please contact:

Phil Moon
Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.
190 McCormick Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-3307
Phone: 714-545-4700 x 204
Fax: 714-545-4777


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