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JUL 2007

Lynx Now Shipping LT-FW FireWire card for Aurora Converters

LSlot Module allows Aurora to accessed via laptop and desktop computers using the FireWire (IEEE-1394a) interface

COSTA MESA, CA - JUNE 26, 2007 Lynx Studio Technology has announced that the Lynx LT-FW LSlot FireWire interface for Aurora converters is now available. The LT-FW allows Lynx Aurora 8 and Aurora 16 AD/DA converters to be interfaced to and controlled by computers with FireWire connectivity, including portable computers from Apple and PC manufacturers. Anticipated since Aurora’s introduction in 2004, the LT-FW is a FireWire 400 interface that allows 32 channels of analog and digital input and output at sample rates up to 96 kHz. At 192 kHz the user can access 16 channels of analog and digital I/O.

“Developing a FireWire interface for Aurora has been a priority since Aurora was introduced. The ability to seamlessly handle full channel counts of analog and digital I/O at sample rates of 96 kHz and 192 kHz was our primary goal – and the LT-FW does that,” stated Bob Bauman, Lynx co-founder.

The LT-FW supports ASIO and WDM for Windows and CoreAudio for Mac OSX. Full WDM implementation allows multiple channel support of 5.1, 7.1 and 10.1 surround playback formats.

“We have also developed a new remote control application for Aurora. In conjunction with the latest Aurora Firmware, the Aurora Remote Control Application now allows up to 18 inputs to be monitored for the first four analog output channels,” explained David A. Hoatson, Lynx co-founder. “This allows two full stereo sub-mixes of all available analog inputs in addition to monitoring digital inputs and software playback.”

When the LT-FW is used with an Aurora converter, Aurora goes into “remote control” mode using the Lynx Aurora Remote Control application. All relevant settings, such as sample rate selection, sync source selection, channel routing, and buffer size are enabled and controlled from the host computer. The two FireWire connectors allow daisy chaining of LT-FW equipped Aurora converters.

The LT-FW has a US suggested retail price of $595.

# # #

For further information, please contact:

Phil Moon
Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.
190 McCormick Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-3307
Phone: 714-545-4700 x 204
Fax: 714-545-4777


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